I have worked on a number of film projects within the framework of the M.E.T.A film school in Phnom Penh.

They include:

Two girls against the rain
(2012, 10:33 mins. Role: director/producer)

Photo Phnom Penh 2011
(2011, 17 mins. Role: director/producer)

Survivor: Chum Mey, survivor of Tuol Sleng
(2010, 8 mins, produced for Norwegian journalist John Einar Sandvand. Role: director/producer)

Saop Stone Design Contest in Pursat
(2010, 6 mins, produced for GTZ. Role: production assistant)

The Pepper Fields: From Genocide to Globalizaion
(2010, 23 mins, produced for “Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom”. Roles: researcher, interviewer, camera assistant, editing assistant, subtitling, additional translations)

Lucky Pigs in Kampong Trach
(2010, 28 mins, produced for DAI USAID. Roles: researcher, interviewer, subtitling, translation)

25 Frame to Move
(2010, 17 mins, produced for Meta House. Roles: researcher, interviewer, camera assistant, editing, directing assistant, subtitling, translations)


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